Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Models...

This is Emily - she is almost always ready to have her photo taken. She's pretty sure she's pure bred royalty - Russian Blue, and anyone who questions this gets a few swift bunny kicks to the head. She has a strong athletic build and is willing to do anything to get the shot. Emily loves her family - she always has to be where the people are. Her favorite things to do are watching the birdies outside, watching tv with her grandpa, and hanging out with her beloved daddy. 

Abbie is certainly the most high fashion of our models - she's long, lean, with a long tail, gorgeous soft fur, and an unusual face. She also has the temperament of a high fashion model - sometimes she just doesn't want to get out of bed to work, and she can be very uncooperative on sets. Other times she's the consumate purrfessional and works it. When she's not modeling she's working on her tan at the top of the cat tree or ogling everyone's shoes or irritating her brother and sister until they bunny kick her in the head. Her favorite thing to do is get upset and scratch her pole to work out her frustrations. 

Eliot is our semi-retired male model. He rarely wants to work, but every once in a while he'll come out and give you the perfect shot of those soulful eyes. He's a little bit on the plus size, but insists that he's just fluffy. In his spare time he likes to hang out with his mom, get treats, sleep, get treats, run and hide under the bed at the slightest threat of stranger danger, get treats, look out the window to try and assess if danger is near, and of course - GET TREATS!

Let us know which model you would like to see more of!

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