Friday, August 19, 2011

About Percy's Place Blankets...

Percy was fortunate enough (and so were we) to be rescued by my daughter from a local shelter for $1.

 Even though Percy hated his siblings, he was enjoying the good life until he developed a rare cancer of the toe. Surgery to remove the toe was going to be extremely expensive so I started making cat blankets in order to raise money to assist with his vet bills. Thanks to all the wonderful cat folks out there, Percy had a successful surgery.

After visiting Percy many time, Percy made it clear he hated sharing his people and wanted desperately to be an only cat. So, Percy came to California to live with me in 2009. He quickly planted himself firmly into my heart  He learned that he had the ability to order all of us around and that we would respond without questioning his authority, especially when it came to his favorite time of day - outside time. 

In addition to making cat blankets I made larger ones for my family and friends. Percy  always stood nearby as I worked on the blankets, seldom leaving my side and tossing the occasional Percy nod of approval. He enjoyed our blanket time together as did I.

Upon his death I wrapped him in his favorite cat blanket and said a final good bye. I was happy that I could provide him the home he always desired - where he was boss and the center of attention.
It only seems appropriate that my new cat blanket site be named in his honor - Percy’s Place

Percy may have only cost $1, but the joy and happiness he brought into my life was worth more than any amount of money could buy.


The blankets are made of a soft fleece fabric with two different fabrics on each side. They are hardy and are can be machine washed then tumbled dry. The approximate size before tying the edges is 36” x  30” - they are fantastic for protecting furniture. 

Each blanket is made with love and I am sure a toss of approval from the Rainbow Bridge.

Blankets can be purchased here at my Etsy shop... 

Thanks - Grandma Fav

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